The high-profile lawyer representing the woman who has accused presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault — a claim which Biden denies — is apparently off the matter.

In an update to a story originally posted Thursday, the New York Times reported Friday morning that Douglas Wigdor “was no longer representing” Reade.

The representation lasted all of two weeks, The Times noted.

Wigdor has represented accusers of both Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly .

Wigdor did not explain to the Times why he and Reade parted ways; however, he said his departure was “by no means a reflection on whether then-Senator Biden sexually assaulted Ms. Reade.” He said he believed her story.

Recently, Wigdor told Law&Crime that he was frustrated with scrutiny of Reade. In response to lengthy PBS NewsHour and Politico reports on Reade’s past, Wigdor said “these hit pieces do absolutely nothing to advance the ball. They are full of irrelevant information that would never be admitted in the court of law and for good reason.”

“We will soon be taking next steps to vindicate our client’s rights. Stay tuned!” Wigdor added. Wigdor had challenged Biden to allow a search of his archives at the University of Delaware. The news stories, the Politico one in particular, quoted a number of people who said Reade was a manipulator, lied to them and didn’t pay money she owed.The original thrust of the New York Times report was that California lawyers are reviewing testimony provided by Reade, who once went by the name […]

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