The apartment complex on Dixon Avenue in Amityville. A man participating in a Zoom meeting was fatally stabbed to death by son as other participants in the video meeting observed the incident, authorities said.

It happened on Long Island just after noontime Thursday, May 21 in Amityville at an apartment complex located on Dixon Avenue.

The victim, Dwight Powers, 72, was in the Zoom Room with several others when he was fatally stabbed by his son, Thomas Scully-Powers, Suffolk County Police said.

Several members of the chat called 911.

Scully-Powers, 32, fled and was apprehended about a mile away at Ketcham Avenue and Cedar Street just before 1 p.m., according to police.

Scully-Powers, 32, was charged with second-degree murder. He will be transported to a local hospital for minor injuries sustained while jumping out of a window, police said.

Information on arraignment will be available upon his discharge from the hospital.An investigation into circumstances surrounding the incident is underway.This is a developing story. Check back to Daily Voice for updates. Click here to sign up for Daily Voice’s free daily emails and news alerts.

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