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There’s a section of white women who just can’t stand seeing black and brown women thrive. Something about the accomplishments of women of color shakes privileged and insecure people to their very core. Take for instance singer Lana Del Rey and New York Times food columnist Alison Roman, two individuals who’ve recently been called out for criticizing the success of female minorities .

Over little more than a week, the public figures found themselves caught up in an internet firestorm triggered by their responses to women of color, well… succeeding. And not just succeeding, which would be audacious enough, but prospering in fields that put them in direct competition with Roman and Del Rey.

The pair took unprovoked shots at the accomplishments of several women of color, from Beyoncé to Chrissy Teigen. And doing so earned them the “Karen” crown, an award reserved only for the pettiest and most miserable and unnecessarily bothered white women who can’t stand to see a person of color do anything they believe encroaches on the privileges they feel should be reserved only for (white) people like them.

“Karens” are not always triggered by a conscious racial or class bias. Their rage often spawns from a subconscious place, as if their brain goes, “I don’t know why this particular [insert race or class] person bothers me, but I must put a stop to it,” while white and/or privileged people guilty of the same accusations go on without […]

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