Gia Fuda – What Happened Out There?

We’ve covered the Gia Fuda case from the beginning, and I wanted to just circle back and recap what we now know about what happened. I’ve read a lot of speculation about what really happened in online forums and the comments sections in news stories. As many of you know, Gia was found alive Saturday, August 1st by search and rescue. She had been lost in the woods for eight days and was found on a rock by a creek about 1.2 miles away from her car.

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  1. Tailgunner

    I’m glad it all turned out OK, but I hope she learned one of the 1st lessons of being stranded – STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE! And to always keep some water and “ready to eat” food in your car. And always check your gas gauge!

    1. Heather

      Yes! It is so important to be prepared and to think ahead – as much as one possibily can! Hopefully this situation can serve as a lesson to others.

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