Gruesome Details Emerge in the Murder of Susie Zhao

WXYZ in Detroit was able to obtain court records that provide some grizzly, gruesome details about what happened to Susie on the night of her murder. According to cell phone records, Susie met with 60-year-old convicted sex offender Jeffery Bernard Morris on the evening of July 12th. According to Morris, he picked her up on Watkins Lake Road, which is where she was living with her mother. They both checked into the Sherwood Motel around 9:26pm.They then decided to run out and pick up some alcohol and then went back to the motel.Morris then said that Susie left the motel around midnight and took all of her belongings with her. However, cell phone records say that Susie’s cell phones did not leave the Sherwood Motel until 5am. Security cameras in the area show that Morris left the motel with his cell phone around 5am. Records show that both Susie and Morris’s cell phones traveled from the motel to the area of Pontiac Lake Road and Highland Road in Waterford.

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