Leila Cavett | More Details About The Man She Was Seen With

On July 24th Leila is seen on video footage at a Cracker Barrel in Vero Beach, which is almost 130 miles away from Hollwood. She is next seen on video at RaceTrac in Hollwood the next day around 3pm. She looks like she is entering and exiting a Lexus. In the evening on the same day, she is seen at 10:20 and Kamdyn is seen with her. As you can see on this street view, the RaceTrac is right next to the Walmart where her vehicle was found, which was three days later.So what happened between 10:20 on the night of the 25th and 8am the next morning when baby Kamdyn was found barefoot, only wearing a soiled diaper and tee shirt in Miramar? He was found just over 2 miles away at the Edge Apartments. And he certainly didn’t walk a long distance to get there. He was either dropped off or in that area from the start. And where is Leila?