Quake Lewellyn Charged with Capital Murder, Rape and Kidnapping

This afternoon 28 year old Quake Lewellyn made his first court appearance at the Jackson County Courthouse. He arrived with law enforcement wearing a bulletproof vest. He was silent when reporters asked him if he killed Sydney Sutherland. About two dozen of Sydney’s family members were in the courtroom and only two people were sitting on the defense side of the room. The probable cause hearing was held for the charges of capital murder, rape and kidnapping.According to an Arkansas State Police agent testifying in this case, Quake Lewellyn was traveling westbound on County Rd 41 when he observed Sydney walking and passed by her. He then made a U-turn and came back to where she was, abducted her, put her in the back of his truck and brought her to farmland and sexually assaulted her. Then he buried her there. There weren’t any witnesses who testified about her cause of death.