Leila Cavett Update | Shannon Ryan’s Hearing and Search for a Witness

So we left off where Shannon Ryan is brought into custody for kidnapping charges for allegedly dropping Kamdyn off at The Edge Apartments in Miramar. We know that investigators have surveillance and cell phone records of Shannon leaving the Hollywood RaceTrac and going to the apartments in Miramar between 8:15 and 8:38am on July 26th. We also know that there is video footage of Shannon purchasing trash bags, odor eliminator and duct tape. Earlier reports in the media stated that Shannon used Leila’s credit card to make purchases at RaceTrac and Walmart, however, he was in fact using his girlfriend’s card, Christine Lawson – who is the woman he references in the hospital.We are going to fill in some of the blanks with what we know from testimony that was given in last Friday’s hearing. But before we get to that, I want to talk about something that is really bugging me about this case. And that is when police began taking the dumpsters from RaceTrac. They removed them this past Thursday, over 3 weeks after Leila was reported as missing. It seems like a really long time before they start searching dumpsters, doesn’t it?