Who is Michael Lee Dudley? | Inside the Blue Room – Part 2

We continue our examination of Michael Lee Dudley with new observations from the charging and probable cause documents. Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner were living in Dudley’s home as tenants. Our readers and viewers wanted to know why their rent was so high. We discovered that Dudley was a superhost for Airbnb. His now suppressed listing had a from $100 per night price tag for the room he was trying to rent out.Heather digs into the statement police shared from “witness D” in the probable cause document. Highlighting some of the odd statements made. And “witness E” has a fair number of strange statements about her time at Dudley’s tooNext is a review of the comments detectives included in the probable cause document from Dr. Kathy Taylor of the King County Medical Examiner’s office. Taylor’s findings give us an idea of what happened.