Tragic Outcome for Missing Person | What Happened to Priscilla Castro?

Priscilla Castro, a 32-year-old mom from Vallejo, was reported as missing on August 18th. Unfortunately, this case took a dark turn. Her remains were found near Lake Berryessa last week.This case begins on August 16th when 32-year-old Priscilla Castro tells friends that she is heading out from Vallejo and going to Oakland. On August 18th, a missing persons case is filed when her family hasn’t seen or heard from her. They are very concerned, because as I mentioned, Priscilla is a mom – she has a daughter and she wouldn’t just go missing.The same day, over in Vacaville, which is about an hour away from Oakland, her abandoned 2007 Mercedes is found by police on the 100 block of Bush Street. Her family says that they are unsure about why she would be over in Vacaville.