Shocking moment machete-wielding gangs get in wild daylight brawl in lawless New York City amid violent crime surge

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Shocking moment machete-wielding gangs get in wild daylight brawl in lawless New York City amid violent crime surge


TWO groups of men with machetes were captured on video trying to slash at each other in broad daylight at a Bronx bodega amid a spike in violence in New York City.

The clips from the confrontation on Sunday showed two men running into a store in south Bronx after being chased by a larger group of men.

Seeking shelter inside, the two men tried to fend off the group of attackers, using the half-closed door as a shield.

As one of the two men waved a machete through the doorway, the other held up a candy dispenser in a ready-to-throw position.

Meanwhile, the group outside attempted to throw objects in at the duo while also swinging machetes.

One of the men inside had his eye and forehead cut, according to the United Bodegas of America, which released the video footage on Tuesday obtained by the New York Post.

Police arrived at 158 Gerard Avenue, where the Colorado store is located, around 5pm and the injured man was taken away in an ambulance.

The store owner and his wife and five children, ages 1 to 21, fled in fear of the involved gangs, according to the bodegas association spokesman Fernando Mateo.

“He picked up his kids and he left town last night because he’s fearful for his life,” Mateo told the Post.

“He’s fearful that something is going to happen to him because there will be arrests made, which he has nothing to do with.”

A friend of the bodega owner, Francisco Marte, also told the newspaper that the family man was “scared.”

“He is scared that some of those people that was in the fight, they can do something to harm him,” Marte said.

“They can harm him. He has a family for which he is worried about. He is scared.”

The fight reminded the bodegas association president Radhames Rodriguez of another machete-wielding altercation from June 20, 2018, that was caught on video.

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