Dumped man, 40, ‘gunned down love rival after he discovered his ex-girlfriend sent him video of herself performing sex act, court hears

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A killer gunned down his love rival when he discovered his ex-girlfriend had sent the murder victim a film of herself performing a sex act, a court heard.

Louis Kelly, 40, shot Mark McCann-Barrett, 33, in Ashdowne Court in Tottenham five times after the victim called him about the home made porn film featuring Georgia Duncombe.

Jurors heard Mr McCann-Barrett’s current girlfriend Amy Drajic had had discovered the video while scrolling through his phone.

To diffuse the argument between them, the victim called Kelly, asking him to admit to his girlfriend that Kelly himself had sent him the video.

The court heard it was in actual fact Ms Duncombe who had herself sent McCann-Barrett the footage via WhatsApp.

But Kelly was incensed to discover the father-of-three had the film in the first place and shot him dead with a Glock pistol, the Old Bailey heard.

James Mulholland, prosecuting, said: ‘Louis Kelly had rented 20 Ashdowne Court in Tottenham with a man called Thomas Saunders a short time before the shooting, having separated from his partner, MsDuncombe.

‘He and Ms Duncombe had been in an on/off relationship for several years and had a young child but she had ended it in about August 2019 saying that she no longer loved him.

‘The reason for this was because she had started a sexual relationship with Mark McCann-Barrett.

‘Mr McCann-Barrett and the defendant were long-standing friends.

‘He lived with his partner, Amy Drajic and their three children in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

‘At 23.45 hours on Monday 16 September, Mark McCann-Barrett was at home in bed with Ms Drajic when she decided to check through the images on his phone and discovered a video of Ms Duncombe performing a sex act.

‘When she confronted him about it, Mr McCann-Barrett, who, by this point, had not only consumed some alcohol but also taken a large number of diazepam tablets, rang Louis Kelly and told him to tell Ms Drajic that, on an earlier occasion, he had sent Mr McCann-Barrett the video, presumably, when intoxicated.

‘In fact, although Georgia Duncombe had sent this intimate video to Louis Kelly six months earlier when they were still in a relationship, she had also sent it much more recently to Mark McCann-Barrett via WhatsApp’.

‘It is clear from his behaviour, after that call, that Louis Kelly did not believe he had sent the video to his friend but that it had been sent by Ms Duncombe.

‘Bearing in mind the abrupt manner in which the relationship had ended, it is highly likely that he already suspected Georgia Duncombe to have become involved with someone else and signs that it was his friend had already become increasingly obvious.

‘The phone call at 23.45 hours appears to have left him practically certain that she was in such a relationship and that the person with whom she was involved was Mark McCann-Barrett.’

Shortly after the call Kelly left the flat in his BMW and drove to his ex-partner’s maisonette in Harefield, west London, to get her phone, the court heard.

‘Once he got to her flat, he went in and picked up her Apple iPhone before leaving with it and heading home,’ Mr Mulholland said.

‘Meanwhile, Mark McCann-Barrett ended up in a serious argument with Amy Dragic inside their flat during which the pair of them were intermittently thereafter in phone contact with Louis Kelly.’

The pair met up at Kelly’s flat in the early hours.

‘At 07.34, sixteen minutes after the defendant’s flatmate Thomas Saunders had left the flat to go to work, Louis Kelly is seen briefly to walk down to Spencer Road, seemingly, to collect something from his car before returning to the flat and Mark McCann-Barrett.

‘The timing of his short trip would indicate that he was collecting the gun used to shoot him.

‘Mr McCann-Barrett was still fit and well at 08.43 hours when he spoke briefly to Amy Dragic over the phone.

‘However, at 9.08am, within twenty five minutes of that call ending, Louis Kelly left the flat and drove away from the area, at this point we know he shot Mr McCann-Barrett multiple times.

‘When he left, he made sure he took the gun with him.’

Kelly fired the Glock 9mm pistol five times into the leg and feet of Mr McCann-Barrett, causing massive bleeding.

Mr McCann-Barrett, from Waltham Cross, Herts, was rushed to hospital in east London, but he died from his wounds nearly a fortnight later on 30 September.

Kelly, of Belgrave Gardens, St John’s Wood, denies murder.

The trial continues.

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