Missing Dallas Businessman: What Happened to Alan White?

This case begins in the city of Dallas, Texas on the morning of October 22, 2020. 55-year-old James Alan White, who is better known as Alan White, gets up early in the morning to drive over to LA Fitness to get a workout in before work. Alan is an executive at KPMG International, but he works from home. He had a conference call scheduled for 7:30am that he had planned to take from home later that morning. When Alan doesn’t come home from the gym, his husband Rusty Jenkins immediately knows that something is wrong.

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  1. Julie Ann

    What reason do we have to conclude that he didn’t make it home after the gas station? The partner filed the report at 11am. Partner says he “drove up abs down the road looking for an accident just after 7am”. What if Allen made it home? What if it’s not true that he disappeared on that 1 mile drive home?

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