I love true crime stories. Join me as I curate and collect current high-profile true crime cases. Additionally, we’ll review past crimes that intrigued and fascinated the public. Welcome to Popular Crime.

This project tracks fascinating, high-profile true crime cases that appear in American culture. And believe me, nothing captivates Americans’ attention like true crime. These cases often become the basis for television shows, motion pictures and books. Additionally, investigative journalists mine such stories for their long-form pieces. Crime is popular and, in its retelling, it really does pay.

The archives of any major newspaper, and even the minor ones, used to be called the morgue. The staff in the morgue would assemble clips and deliver them to reporters working on a related story. In short, that’s what we do here. When high-profile true crime cases are playing out, we’re collecting the clips.

We welcome your tips and inside scoops.

It’s murder and mayhem for the masses.