Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Prince Andrew: I’m Ready to Talk. The FBI Never Asked. Feds: Oh Yes, We Did

Prince Andrew and the FBI were involved in a furious war of words Tuesday, after he denied claims made by the U.S. attorney for Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman, that he has refused to cooperate with American authorities investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse.

Andrew said no request had been received, and he was ready to talk.

However a spokesperson for Berman’s office told The Daily Beast they stood by the prosecutor’s comments, specifically the claim that they had “made several attempts to contact” Andrew’s representatives.

Andrew, 59, however, was said to be “angry and bewildered,” according to The Daily Telegraph , at allegations made by Berman.

On Monday, Berman called out Andrew for giving “zero co-operation” to the investigation into Epstein at a press conference held outside Epstein’s infamous front door.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” a source described as “close to” Andrew told The Telegraph , “The Duke is more than happy to talk to the FBI but he hasn’t been approached by them yet.

“He is angry about the way this is being portrayed and bewildered as to why this was said in New York. It seems certain people are jumping the gun.”

However law-enforcement sources were adamant that they “stood by” Berman’s remarks.

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