Today we are diving into the world of cyber frauds and scams. Imagine waking up one morning and you can’t make any calls, send text messages, get on to social media, get into your banking accounts or get your email. As you frantically try to access each account, you realize that the problem is that you no longer have service on your phone. Well, this is confusing. You pay your bill automatically every month. Today we are examining the cybercrime of SIM swapping. Now this is a scam that can make anyone who has a cell phone a potential victim. We’re going to talk about how this scam works and what steps you can take to protect yourself.
Long gone are the days of a detective pounding the pavement and wearing out shoes to solve a case. Though good old-fashioned leg work is useful, more investigations, especially into missing persons cases are leveraging technology, like the satellite imaging request from the family of Stephanie Hollingsworth in furtherance of their efforts.Let’s get into the details or modern technology in investigation. And we’ll begin with a caveat, individual jurisdictions have different laws regulating these kinds of tools. While a city like London in the UK has an abundance of closed caption television monitoring street corners, other cities may use traffic cameras and some might not. Some of the things I talk about won’t be available to detectives where you live.
This case begins in the city of Dallas, Texas on the morning of October 22, 2020. 55-year-old James Alan White, who is better known as Alan White, gets up early in the morning to drive over to LA Fitness to get a workout in before work. Alan is an executive at KPMG International, but he works from home. He had a conference call scheduled for 7:30am that he had planned to take from home later that morning. When Alan doesn’t come home from the gym, his husband Rusty Jenkins immediately knows that something is wrong.
When Jake Patterson kidnapped Jayme Closs and murdered her parents, he evaded capture for almost three months. We examine the case and the psychology of Patterson in an in-depth look at this fascinating case.
This case captured a lot of attention from the very beginning and we finally have SOME, not all, but some of the answers about what happened on that fateful morning Lesly disappeared. 8 News Now in Las Vegas broke the original story about how surveillance video and witness statements built the case against Erick Rangel-Ibarra for murder, as well as the case against his father, Jose Rangel for his involvement in this senseless crime. This information came from a declaration of warrant report dated September 14th.

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