This case starts on August 14th in Aurora, Colorado. Husband and wife, Joe and Jossline Roland set up a meeting to potentially purchase a vehicle through the app Letgo. Joe flipped cars for a living, so meeting someone through Letgo or Craigslist was a completely normal occurrence for him. On the night of the 14th, Joe and a man that police later identify as 18-year-old Kyree Anthony Brown, set up a meeting for Joe to look at a blue 2017 Toyota Rav 4. He is asking $5,000 for the SUV. The meet is set for late that night, in the area of Southlands Shopping Center in Aurora.
US Marshals have joined the search for Enid Oklahoma resident Brice Gage Watkins. Watkins is accused of several counts of making and distributing child pornography after he sent a video of him molesting a six month old to two women. Let me repeat that, six month old baby a defenseless infant. In addition to the child pornography charges, officials have also added charges of committing lewd acts to a child under 12.
Amanda Boring, who was known to her friends as Mandee, was driving south through Conemaugh Township with her oldest son, Drew, Friday night. She was rear-ended by her ex-boyfriend, William Yarina. The two argued and then Yarina drew a gun and shot Mandee in the chest killing her.He then turned the weapon on himself and took his own life.
One feeling that I have had consistently throughout this case is that Kassanndra was over the moon about her pregnancy. I don’t get the sense that when she found out she was pregnant that she was making demands of him or anything like that. She had planned to go to her first ultrasound with her best friend. And because she’s a planner, she was busy planning for this pregnancy with her friends and family. So, if she did go over to tell him the day before, it doesn’t sound like she would have been expecting a specific outcome or insisting that he be part of the baby’s life.
We have several updates in the case of Adam Raymond Mason. Mason stands accused of murdering his own daughter. We have been following the case of Adam Raymond Mason since officials in Creek County Oklahoma arrested him on August 27th and charged him with beating, drowning and killing then burning his daughter, Adley Grace Mason, who was just five years old. In the last week we have looked into Mason’s criminal history to go with what we know about the case.
Now if all the statements made in this article are true about Quake, then it is very possible that he had committed other crimes in the past. We know that people who become obsessed and fixated on someone, don’t just turn off a switch and decide one day to stop stalking someone. An obsessed mind will escalate what they do. Sometimes you see that kind of escalation in one victim, or through years with several victims. But they don’t typically stop – until they either kill the person, get killed themselves, or go to prison.

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