Still missing under highly suspicious circumstances. FBI is assisting w/ forensics only because they have special equipment and it is needed for this case. Police do have a person who they would like to eliminate and clear or be considered a suspect. Police still have to confirm if she was pregnant and they are checking medical records.Ex-boyfriend has not been detained or arrested. He is at another residence right now and is aware that they are at his house. Police are not talking about specific evidence that has been taken, however police did say that they are taking a truck in to be processed. They are working this case as it is a homicide.
Kassanndra Marie Cantrell, is a 33-year-old woman who lives in Parkland, Washington. She is about 3 months pregnant. According to her mom, the morning of Tuesday, August 25th was like every other. They said their goodbyes and I love yous in the morning, before her mom left for work and it seemed like a regular day. Now her mom said that the only plans for the day she thought Kassanndra had was to go grocery shopping. But it wouldn’t have been like her to go first thing in the morning.However, Kassanndra did leave home in the morning and she had gotten ready for the day as if she was meeting someone. The last image of her in her neighborhood was caught on a doorbell cam leaving the home she lived in w/ her mom and stepdad on Tuesday, 8/25 at 8:44am. She appeared to be alone. And this is the last time she was seen.
We continue our examination of Michael Lee Dudley with new observations from the charging and probable cause documents. Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner were living in Dudley’s home as tenants. Our readers and viewers wanted to know why their rent was so high. We discovered that Dudley was a superhost for Airbnb. His now suppressed listing had a from $100 per night price tag for the room he was trying to rent out.Heather digs into the statement police shared from “witness D” in the probable cause document. Highlighting some of the odd statements made. And “witness E” has a fair number of strange statements about her time at Dudley’s tooNext is a review of the comments detectives included in the probable cause document from Dr. Kathy Taylor of the King County Medical Examiner’s office. Taylor’s findings give us an idea of what happened.
A multi-state manhunt is over. Maine state police announced the arrest of Jaquile Coleman by the Hancock County Sheriff’s office in Mississippi. Coleman was wanted in connection to the murder of 19 year old Natasha Morgan.With a looming hurricane threatening the gulf coast states earlier this week, police in Hancock County Mississippi arrested Jaquile Coleman, a fugitive from Lewiston Maine. Coleman was on the run since Friday the 21st of August. That was the day Lewiston Maine police discovered Natasha Morgan bleeding from two gunshot wounds, allegedly fired by Coleman
One of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives is in custody. Yaser Abdel Said, accused of killing his daughters Sarah and Amina, has been arrested in north Texas. The FBI classified the murders as “honor killings” and had offered a reward of $100,000 for tips that led to the capture of Said.The murders took place in Irving Texas. Their police chief hosted a press conference to announce the capture of Said. Both Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey and FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas field office Matt DeSarno spoke at the press conference.

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