In the last decade many Americans have taken a greater interest in investing. This year alone has seen an explosion of day traders riding the waves on Robin Hood and other apps. Ironically, Falcone in his guilty plea acknowledged that he was dabbling in day trading with the money he raised from investors rather than securing distribution rights for the product he touted in his investment prospectus.In Vino Veritas, is the Latin expression that roughly means, when someone is a little drunk, they tend to speak the truth, but in this cup of wine, there was very little truth.
News broke the over the weekend of October seventeenth that Stephanie Hollingsworth’s Chevy Tahoe had been recovered. Ominously, a woman’s body was found inside the vehicle. We posted the story and waited for the inevitable news, which we received today. Police have identified the body of Stephanie Hollingsworth.
This is an in-depth analysis of what we know so far about the Susie Zhao case.This video contains discussion of several crimes, and among them murder, rape and sexual violence. We strongly caution our viewers sensitive to such acts to exercise discretion when watching this video. Secondly, as with any defendant or suspect that we speak of, they are presumed innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. But that caveat is just about this one pending case. And in fact, Morris is a convicted felon, having both been found guilty and pleaded guilty to multiple past offenses. So, when we talk about his criminal history, we are going to call him guilty of those crimes, because he was found guilty of those charges.
Cassandra Negrete was a 23 psychology major at the University of South Carolina Aiken. Media reports describe her as a straight A student who made the President’s List at the university in the Spring, and also the recipient of a grant to begin research related to her field.And she appears to be the target in this awful double homicide. The alleged perpetrator, Guillermo Diaz Jr. was arrested after he called aiken county sheriffs to report what he had done. The incident report which was posted on-line relates the full narrative from Sheriff’s office deputies:
Yesterday 21-year-old Haspil entered a not guilty plea via Skype before a judge in Manhattan after a grand jury indicted him on several charges.Many of you guys probably remember this case from back in July. Fahim Saleh, CEO of Gokada, was discovered in his luxury condo on the Lower East Side in New York, having been murdered and dismembered. A relative who was concerned about him, because no one had heard from him, went over to his condo to check on him and actually interrupted accused killer Tyrese Haspil when he was allegedly cleaning up the crime scene.
This case starts in New Boston, Texas on Friday, October 9th when the body of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons Hancock is discovered by her mother in the morning at Reagan’s home . This is absolutely every mother’s worst nightmare. Reagan was about a month away from giving birth to her second daughter, who she and her husband Homer had named Braxlynn Sage. Her due date was November 10th and both parents were just over the moon about this new addition to their family.

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Feds Indict Canadian Businessman and Fashion Exec Peter Nygard

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, the same office responsible for the case against Ghislane Maxwell, have just indicted fashion mogul Peter Nygard on nine counts related to his professional and personal conduct. We’ve read the indictment and have a lot of ground to cover on this rapidly developing case. This week, a federal grand jury issued an indictment of Canadian businessman, Peter Nygard.

The indictment comes nearly 10 months after federal agents raided the New York headquarters of his business as well as his Los Angeles home, as reported by the New York Times in a story that dates back to February of this year

Hostler Case Update: Rodney Rider Sr. Pleads Guilty

After months of no word from Champaign County Ohio Prosecutors in the case of Whitney Hostler, one of the suspects in the case accepted a plea agreement. Rodney Rider Sr., 54, of St. Paris, OH, will be sentenced on January 14th.