18 year old Jacob Lyle Rusk was shot and killed in Plano Texas, at Jack Carter Park in October of 2020. cob Lyle Rusk only wanted to get together with friends. Lockdowns had kept him mostly isolated, according to what his family have shared. So he headed out to Jack Carter Park in Plano, Texas, one autumn evening. When words were exchanged, Jacob intervened, just as his alleged killers pulled out a gun.
Update (Friday, October 9 at 10:45 a.m): Glass was located and is safe, according to the Wilmington Police Department.This missing persons case starts on Monday, October 5th when 43-year-old Kristin Glass leaves her home to run some errands. According to True Crime Society, Kristin had a doctor’s appointment, was going to vote and was also going to the DMV. She spoke with her family late that morning at around 11:30am. And her sister said that the last contact anyone had with her was around 2pm in the Topsail Beach area.
Sydney West, who goes by “Syd”, has not been seen or heard from by her family or friends since Wednesday, September 30th. Both the San Francisco PD’s Missing Persons Section of the Special Victim’s Unit and the Orange County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina are investigating this case.
Danielle Long was in a good spot. She had her own business and a relationship that made her happy. She volunteered including what she told her family was an amazing mission trip to Africa for her church. And her boyfriend was a former major league baseball pitcher. Unfortunately for Danielle, it all crumbled in tragedy.Danielle Long who was also known as Danielle Breed, but to her family was just Dani, was killed on October 2nd.
Police located the body Champaign County resident Whitney Hostler Thursday, after she went missing earlier this week and they have two people Rodnery Rider Sr. and Valerie Rider in custody in connection to the case.On Wednesday September 30th around 6pm, Whitney Hostler left a residence in western Champaign County Ohio. She had not been seen since. But late yesterday and today we have seen breaks in the case
Today the FBI began searching Monarch Hill Landfill near Coconut Creek, as part of their investigation in the disappearance of missing mom, Leila Cavett. But, as you can see here, the FBI is out in full force searching a large area at this landfill. They have been tight lipped as to what specifically led them to this location. CBS Miami reported that investigators say that “clues” and possibly surveillance tape lead them there. But we do know that on Thursday, August 20th, two dumpsters were removed from Racetrac in Hollywood.

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