Harvey Weinstein: Kate Beckinsale tells of ‘inhumane bullying’ and ‘sick covert abuse’

Harvey Weinstein: Kate Beckinsale tells of 'inhumane bullying' and 'sick covert abuse'

Kate Beckinsale says Harvey Weinstein was furious about her outfit choice for the Serendipity premiere in 2001 Kate Beckinsale has told how she suffered “inhumane bullying” and “sick covert abuse” at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

The actress shared an Instagram post about the disgraced film producer, who was jailed for 23 years on Thursday after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault.

She is among several actresses and women involved in the industry posting about their experiences with Weinstein , 67, following the sentencing. Weinstein has been jailed for 23 years for rape and sexual assault Beckinsale said his jail term comes as a “huge relief”.

Next to an image taken at the 2001 US premiere for her film Serendipity, the star wrote a lengthy post, saying the event took place at the beginning of October that year, just weeks after 9/11.

She wore a loosely fitted white suit, with her hair pulled back.

In her post, she wrote: “We all refused to go because holding a premiere mere weeks after 9/11 with the city still smoking felt like the most insensitive, tone deaf, disrespectful idea possible.

“But Harvey insisted. We flew into New York and somehow got through it. The next morning Harvey called me and asked if I would like to bring my less than two-year-old daughter to his house for a playdate with his similar aged daughter. I said OK.”I turned up and he immediately called for his nanny to take the babies to another room to play. I went […]

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